Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence
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Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence

Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence

The only surviving bridge from Florence’s medieval days, Ponte Vecchio is also the oldest bridge crossing the Arno River. Probably going back to a Roman time with its stone pillars and wooden planks, it was built in stone but then it was destroyed by a flood in 1333. It was built again twelve years later to a design by Taddeo Gaddi. Through a Florence walking tour you will see that Ponte Vecchio’s inimitable architecture begins with three graceful masonry spans—long, low and a marvel of medieval construction. Above these sit the famous gold and jewelry shops, crowded along the carriageway and cantilevered asymmetrically—chaotically—over the river.

Above one side runs the Vasari Corridor, built in late Renaissance and complete with all the artistic and political bravado of the Medici rulers who commissioned it. Nowadays, Ponte Vecchio is one of the city’s best known images and a world renowned monument that draws millions of people to Florence every year. Thousands of couples especially visit the bridge while enjoying a Florence honeymoon as there is a legend according to which if you and your loved one attach a padlock to any surface of the famous bridge and then throw away the key into the Arno River below, your love will last forever. Conclusively, no Florence vacation could be complete without at least some time spent dawdling on the Ponte Vecchio and for that reason we certainly  include it in all of our Florence vacation packages.

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