Positano: The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast
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Positano: The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast

Positano: The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast

Presented as a cluster of pastel houses clinging to the steep ledges of the Lattari Mountains, which reflect themselves in the clear sea below, Positano is definitely the brightest pearl of the Amalfi Coast. A maze of alleys and steps with small shops displaying the typical products of local crafts as well as the intense fragrance of lemon and bright and vivid colors of bougainvillea that surround that place, have all contributed to create a landscape of undisputed beauty that makes Positano and the Amalfi Coast famous world-wide. Described as a “dream place” by the writer John Steinbeck in 1953, Positano still today, remains unbelievable romantic and beautiful and one of the most desirable destinations for an Italy honeymoon.

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