Experience the Isle of Capri by Sea
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Experience the Isle of Capri by Sea

Experience the Isle of Capri by Sea

A Private Yacht Charter around the Isle of Capri is the ideal inclusion for your luxury vacation in Italy.

The stunning Isle of Capri rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea greeting the Sorrentine Peninsula and beckoning visitors with its incredible beauty.  Fabled to be the home of the seductive sirens that called to Odysseus’ in the poetic Greek myth, Capri leaves visitors awestruck by its incredible beauty and exceptional amenities.

While Capri has no shortage of luxury hotels, locals know that the best way to experience this gorgeous island is from the sea.

A private yacht charter is the ideal way to experience Capri’s lush jet-set atmosphere, to experience its divine blue seas, and to take in its incredible beauty.  Capri boasts a number of gorgeous beaches, caves and sites, which are only accessible by sea.

Start your charter from the yachting mecca, Marina Grande.  Circling the island you will cruise towards the world famous Faraglioni rock formations.  One of the more fascinating attractions to the island, The Faraglioni Rocks can be only visited by boat. The Faraglione di Mezzo is the famed natural tunnel that has become known worldwide.

The area is home to the exclusive La Fontelina beach club and restaurant where you can enjoy a swim from your luxury yacht or head to the shore to enjoy some time soaking up the sun in a beach lounger.

Here you won’t want to miss the opportunity to taste the sea on your plate at the exceptional La Fontelina restaurant, which is open daily for lunch only.

Circumnavigating the island you will have the opportunity to enjoy visits to smaller caves and caverns including the striking White Grotto and the Green Grotto where you can swim and climb rock formations.

You will certainly not want to miss Capri’s most famous attraction the Blue Grotto.  Enjoy a trip inside the grotto by wooden row-boat, which will meet you at your yacht to take you inside.  The blue colors of the Grotto change according to the sunlight entering the cave.  The site is one of incredible beauty and not to be missed.

After enjoying a gorgeous sunset on board, rest up in your private cabin as you prepare for Capri buy night.

From Marina Grande you can take the cable car to the Piazzeta.  This is the heart of the island where all those coming to Capri can watch the world go by.  Enjoy dinner and drinks in the lovely town of Capri or shop at fashionable luxury boutiques.

As a day trip or as a multi-day experience, a private yacht charter is an ideal inclusion for your Italy Vacation and Capri Experience.


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