Maison La Minervetta Hotel
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Maison La Minervetta Hotel

Maison La Minervetta Hotel

A hotel designed to feel like home, Maison La Minervetta is by far my first choice for a soothing Amalfi Coast vacation. Because of its size it feels very intimate and cozy. The décor is unique and very colorful. I immediately noticed with appreciation that each item was handpicked and gracefully positioned. I walked in and I felt the intimacy and the novelty grasping me at once.

The reception area struck me more like my dream living room would have; truly making the most of a rather limited space, the choice of furniture design, color and fabric lured me beyond expectation. To top it all, a large terrace forms a  natural extension overlooking the bay of Naples and town of Sorrento.

The kitchen where breakfast is served is right next to the lounge area where I could actually observe the staff prepare it from scratch. A large table sits right in the middle so I was able  to share my morning coffee with my fellow guests, effortlessly and naturally.  In the afternoon, I strolled outside to one of the tables on the terrace joined for a sip of limoncello by the sound of the sea and my favorite book.

Each of the 12 rooms is uniquely decorated, gifted with an array of colors from  the furniture to the bed spreads and linen. The floor to ceiling windows are a fascinating feature as the hotel is perched right on the cliff.  I actually looked down to a small, traditional fishing port which I then decided to visit, of course. All I  had to do was walk down the 200 steps!

The staff is extremely warm and friendly, always available though in discreet distance. My overall experience was that I was home away from home. At least that was the strong feeling I had as I was holding a red chili pepper made of wood, a friendly gift by the manager, for good luck and farewell.

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