Ralph's Italy Trip to Venice, Rome and Florence
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Ralph’s Italy Trip to Venice, Rome and Florence

Ralph’s Italy Trip to Venice, Rome and Florence

Working with a Travel2Italy specialist, Ralph was able to experience the Italy Vacation that he had dreamed of.  Thank you for sharing Ralph!

Dear Mina,

Being Italian-American, I spent several summers in Italy as a child, but spending all my time visiting relatives, I never seemed to be able to do any sightseeing!  I decided that the best way to design my dream trip was to go through the experts, and I was right!  It’s incredible how much I got to do in the time I was there.  I don’t feel like I missed a thing.  In fact, I got to see more than I even imagined!  Even though I’ve been to Italy several times before, I never got to see it like this!  It was amazing

Thank you!

Exploring Rome

Colosseum – Rome

In Venice

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