Amazing Venice on a 360º Gondola Ride
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Amazing Venice on a 360º Gondola Ride

Experience what it’s like to float down a canal in Venice on a gondola—in FULL 360 degree video! This is Venice as you’ve never seen it before—a virtual gondola ride!

To view on your desktop computer browser, simply play the video and use the mouse to click, hold and drag the viewpoint you’d like to see. On your mobile device, you must install the Looker application, then the video will load in the app’s special 360 video player. Then, use your finger to swipe the player and change the viewpoint. It’s that easy!
Loving it as much as we are? Check back and keep your eyes out for more photos and videos like this one from our travels around Italy!

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  1. Avi

    Very impressive and beiutaful film. Excellent! As a tourist guide from Latvia leading groups to Italy and Venice, I am interested to see entire film in future.Thank you!