The Natural Jacuzzi of Saturnia
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The Natural Jacuzzi of Saturnia

The Natural Jacuzzi of Saturnia

Feeling good in Italy is easy. This country boasts the largest number of thermal spa centers in the world, with a tradition of body and soul treatments that dates back thousands of years – to ancient Rome. Throughout the country, from north to south, it is possible for visitors to experience a unique Italy vacation centered on general well-being at numerous natural thermal springs. A thermal spa vacation in Italy is always revitalizing, thanks to effective treatments and a wide range of services, but, most importantly, thanks to the enchanting natural landscapes in which they are located.

In the south of Tuscany, a couple of miles south-east of its ancient namesake hillside village and west of the stunning Pitigliano are the remarkable hot springs of Saturnia. With the haphazard parking of cars and vans, a steady stream of people strolling along a dirt track and the less-than-subtle scent of sulfur wafting in the air, the Saturnia Cascades gushes warmed water from the Earth which settles into a series of small rock pools.

Gracelessly slithering down a natural stair to enter the hallowed waters, people step into the mineral-rich vivid turquoise bath. Even with a fair crowd of people chatting animatedly, the Saturnia hot springs are remarkably relaxing and a wonderful afternoon tonic to Tuscan adventures. Settling nearer the small waterfall offers a robust massage while sitting in one of the natural pools up to your neck is like bathing in champagne, the effervescence of tiny bubbles tingling the entire body.

The hot water springs from a volcanic crater gushes from deep down in the earth at an unbelievable rate of 800 gallons per second and then flows along a natural stream until drop as a waterfall, known as the Cascate del Mulino.

Locals in this area think the Cascate del Mulino are their best-kept secret. It laps against an old mill and then goes on to form a series of natural pools of travertine rock carved over the centuries. Immersed in the picturesque Tuscan landscape, the tiny pools are filled by smaller waterfalls flowing from one pool to another.

This region’s renowned goes way back to the Pre-Roman age, and was even used by Roman nobles. The sulfurous spring water, at a temperature of 37.5 °C all year round, are believed to have health benefits, offering relaxation and well being through immersion.

Most tourists enjoy the same water in the world-renowned spa complex down the road, sitting in a man-made pool, completely unaware of these naturally carved rock wells that seem like Jacuzzis in the middle of Paradise.


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