Ten Italian Phrases of Love for Valentine's Day
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Ten Italian Phrases of Love for Valentine’s Day

Ten Italian Phrases of Love for Valentine’s Day

Italy has always attracted and inspired romantics. The country most nearly synonymous with romance boasts a rich tradition of lovers, from the erotic counsel of Ovid to the excesses of legendary Latin lover Casanova. Love, romance and passion are at the heart of the Italian culture… from Italian food, to Italian music, Italy’s awe-inspiring panoramas, its art, its sophisticated appreciation of beauty, its passionate people, and mostly the romantic rhythm and sensual sounds of the Italian language…

But, in spite of their romantic reputation, Italians reserve “ti amo” (I love you) only for the loves of their lives. In contrast, English-speakers love everyone and everything with the same wanton word —a lack of precision (and imagination).

Italian parents and children as well as boyfriends and girlfriends express affection with “Ti voglio bene,” which translates literally into “I want you well,” but conveys an entire universe of best wishes: “I want the best for you.” “I want all good things for you.” “I want what you want because I care so much for you.” This phrase echoes in the lyrics of hundreds of love songs. Smitten teenagers end their text messages with TVTB for “ti voglio tanto bene” (I love you so much).

This Valentine’s Day–or any time you are invaghito di qualcuno (infatuated with someone), looking for un amore appassionato (a passionate love), or innamorato (head over heels in love) – nothing is more romantic than an Italian dichiarazione d’amore (declaration of love). Here are some of the most irresistible frasi romantiche (romantic phrases):

1. Sei la mia anima gemella — You are my soulmate.

2. Ti penso ogni giorno — I think of you every day

3. Senza di te la mia vita non ha senso — Without you my life makes no sense.

4. Vieni qui e baciami — Come here and kiss me.

5. Sei tutto per me. Sei il mio universo — You are everything for me. You are my universe.

6. Non posso vivere senza te — I can’t live without you.

7. Non pensavo di poter provare un sentimento così profondo prima di incontrarti — Before meeting you, I didn’t think I could experience such a profound feeling.

8. Non potrò mai smettere d’amarti — I could never stop loving you.

9. Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te — I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

10. Siamo angeli con un’ala sola, solo restando abbracciati possiamo volare — We are angels with only one wing; only embracing each other are we able to fly (from writer-director Luciano De Crescenzo).

I hope your storia d’amore (love story) ends the same way that Italian fairy tale romances do: with the phrase “e vissero felici e contenti” (and they lived happily thereafter).

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