Capri's Famous Grotta Azzura
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Capri’s Famous Grotta Azzura

Capri’s Famous Grotta Azzura

While on an Amalfi Coast vacation do not disregard to visit the beautiful island of Capri and enjoy a boat ride to its famous Grotta Azzura.  An amazing natural cave, well known all over the world, the Blue Grotto has become the symbol of the island of Capri and it is perhaps the most magic and evocative place of the whole island.

The existence of the Grotto has been revealed in 1826 by the German writer August Kopisch, that described its extraordinary beauty; but this place was already known by the Romans, as shown by the ancient statues found in the Grotto.

In order to enter in the Grotto you must use a small rowing boat: the entrance is only one meter above sea level; therefore to enter you mast lay on the bottom of the boat. There is another entrance, but it is underwater: from here the sun light enters, and, crossing the water, creates the charming blue glares that illuminates the cave.

In fact, inside, you will see all shades of blue: the ceiling of the Grotto, called Duomo Azzurro (blue cathedral), is high between 7 to 14 meters, the cave is approximately 60 meters long and maximum 25 meters wide.

According to the numerous legends, in the Grotto live marine Gods or malignant Demons, and once visited, you will realize that the magic atmosphere of the place is so intense that the legends seem to be true.

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