Relais Santa Croce for a Special Vacation in Florence
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Relais Santa Croce for a Special Vacation in Florence

Relais Santa Croce for a Special Vacation in Florence

An historic home in the heart of Florence, filled with frescoes and sophisticated design details that recall the intimacy of a private residence, the hotel Relais Santa Croce has all the characteristics required make your Italy vacation in Florence a special one.

A stunning 5 star hotel situated in the immediate vicinity of the Basilica of Santa Croce, on Florence’s Via Ghibellini, Relais Santa Croce

Occupying one of the city’s most prestigious historic buildings: the 18th century Palazzo Cioffi-Jacometti, Relais Santa Croce is for sure one of the best 5 star hotels in Italy that totally emphasizes the concept of luxury not only in terms of excellent service and great location, but as a sensorial experience that involves its guests on a journey through the most authentic values of Florence. Within a building of enormous historical and artistic value, its guests can not only enjoy luxury hotel services, but also discover and experience the traditions of the surrounding area through unique experiences of great quality.

During the extensive restoration work carried out prior to the building’s transformation in luxury hotel, a great number of precious artworks were uncovered, artworks which now grace the elegant public rooms and guest bedrooms characterised by wood panelling, lavish textiles, and unique items of period furniture. The “Da Verrazzano” and “Dei Pepi” Royal Suites, complete with marble bathrooms with Jacuzzi tub and private, in-suite fitness zone, feature magnificent high ceilings embellished with beautifully restored frescoes dating back to the period in which Palazzo Cioffi-Jacometti was built.

A property of great historic interest comprised of frescoes and sophisticated design details, the hotel Relais Santa Croce’s great service and friendly staff will ensure you have a unique Italy vacation in the heart of Florence.

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