Susan & Mike's Italy Vacation
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Susan & Mike’s Italy Vacation

Susan & Mike’s Italy Vacation

It is always nice when clients take the time to tell you about their trip. Susan and Mike spent their vacation in Italy exploring Rome, Tuscany, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. They stayed in some of Italy’s top 5-star hotels and enjoyed private tours. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


I’ve been wanting to send you an email since my return on June 5th to thank you so much for a much enjoyable and memorable experience!!  We could not have been more pleased with our accommodations, private transfers (fantastic service!!), guided tours, and areas of Italy we visited. Your time and level of service was much appreciated and  truly exceptional!  Italy is an extraordinary country, rich in beauty, culture, history and panoramic views that are breathtaking.  Both my husband and I felt very much at home given our Italian heritage;  We are planning to vacation in Sicily next year with friends, as we feel we need to uncover more of this amazing European gem.  I will contact you closer to that time to assist us in our planning.

I wanted to make reference to a small change that we made to our itinerary on May 31st.  As we decided to cancel the “Tuscany Discovery” tour with Francesco on this day, we were  wondering if an adjustment would apply?  We had sent Isadora an email at the time to confirm the change.

Thanks a million for everything!!


Susan & Mike Plastino


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