Taormina, Sicily: An Adventure All Its Own
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Taormina, Sicily: An Adventure All Its Own

Taormina, Sicily: An Adventure All Its Own

Contributed by: Tia Meredith

Dreaming of a typical vacation in Italy conjures images of the art of Florence, the countryside of Tuscany or the waterways of Venice. As a popular destination, many people post pictures “holding up” the tower of Pisa or chat with their friends at coffee shops about eating pizza in Naples. But, what if your travels to Italy were off the beaten path? Set apart even by water, a Sicily vacation is an adventure all its own waiting for you. A trend setter with its diversity from Arab, Roman, Greek, Argonese and Norman influence on the island, being on travel to Sicily is the new dream vacation in Italy.

Breaking away from typical Italy vacation packages, Sicily offers its visitors varied terrain with volcanoes, mountains, hills and crystal blue seas. Surrounded by the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean, it is the largest of the Italian islands. However, the terrain is not the only diverse part of Sicily, the architecture of its buildings, churches and monuments tell their own tale. Through the island’s architectural lines, stories unfold about the province’s history proving that various cultures have left their mark there and the people have absorbed the influence of many rulers.

Still, this is an island of surprises which it will reveal when visiting the town of Taormina. With its twisting medieval streets and second-century Greek theater, Taormina has its own romantic air that inspired writers like Truman Capote and D.H. Lawrence. As Sicily’s legendary resort town, it sits before the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna making it an ideal location for your overnight stays. Foray luxurious experience in Taormina; try staying at the Grand Hotel Timeo. This hotel was the first of Taormina Sicily hotels but has long been known as one of Italy’s most glamorous retreats. Directly in front of the Greek Theater it provides sweeping views of the coastline and Mount Etna. Another great selection of the 5 star hotels of Sicily is the San Domenico Palace. An ancient Dominican monastery, it is ideal for those who enjoy luxury boutique-style hotels.

After spending some time in one of the luxury hotels of Sicily, get out and explore all the area has to offer. Among Taormina’s many notable monuments are the Ancient Theatre, the 13th century cathedral and the 10th century Corvaja Palace. However, for a special experience try a guided walking tour where you will see and learn the history behind these sites and more. Also part of this tour, you will see the Greek Theater, built in the 3rd century, and then walk along the Corso Umberto for a little shopping, wine tasting and dining. If history is not your preference, try another private Taormina tour experiencing Mount Etna. As Sicily’s tallest peak and one of Europe’s most famous active volcanoes, it has created 23 additional craters since 1910 and is well worth a visit.

Though Mount Etna is one of the largest Sicily attractions for visitors, it cannot be outdone by the food to be had there. It is an island full of flavor due to its ideal climate for growing fresh produce all year round and access to fresh fish by its surrounding seas. A gastronomical extravaganza, the flavors of Sicily hold on to their traditional roots as many Sicilians prepare their meals at home with fresh ingredients. To sample these unique flavors, try a few local eateries like Al Duomo or Nangalurruni. Al Duomo, located in the medieval quarters of Taormina, serves its guests time-tasted recipes of Sicilian excellence. Another option is Nangalarruni which brings visitors from all over Italy to sample its critically-acclaimed dishes made from the flavors of the Parco delle Madonie.

Providing an experience apart from the rest of Italy, vacationing to Sicily is a unique way to spend your summer. Guaranteed to set this vacation apart from the rest, experience Sicily tours and its luxury hotels as no one you know has before. Want to ensure you have a deluxe experience in the resort town of Taormina or other parts of Sicily? Let Travel2Italy’s experienced consultants help you plan this amazing vacation. An island with so much to offer, break apart from the traditional vacation to Italy and try something new, an adventure in Sicily.



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