Italian Classics with 3 Nights in London
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Italian Classics with 3 Nights in London

Italian Classics with 3 Nights in London

As a former Leisure Travel Consultant when clients would inquire about a first trip to Italy, I would recommend the “Italian Classics” and an extension in London. Why? Because Rome, Florence and Venice are the best way to enjoy many sites, witness the culture and sample the cuisine for a total Italy vacation experience. Also as many of my client’s flights would take them through Heathrow airport, why not add some time in the home of Big Ben?

Starting in Rome, there are many private tours clients could select from, however the most popular are the half day walking tour of the Eternal City and experiencing the Vatican. The half day tour allows clients to see major Rome attractions such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. When adding a private tour of the Vatican, clients rave about seeing the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museum beholding some of the most captivating art collections in the world.

Reached by private car or first class rail, Florence gives clients a taste of Italy’s elegance. A half day walking tour that includes the Duomo complex with Giotto’s bell tower, the Baptistery, Porta del Paradiso and the Cathedral provide a full understanding of Florence. Those clients who cherish art or even those who want to see some of the most discussed artwork of the Renaissance, add the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries to their Florence tours.

Last stop in Italy is to a city built on water and connected by bridges, Venice. Offered privately, tours of Venice start in San Marco Square and take clients through other treasured sites while including time in Doge’s Palace. Also, a gondola ride is a frequently requested excursion for adding romance to their vacation in Venice or as part of Italy honeymoon packages. Maximizing their European experience, some clients elect to spend a little time in London. By choosing accommodations in the heart of the city or close to desired attractions, adding another country destination is a great way for them to transform an Italy vacation into a European adventure.


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