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Mina Agnos

Mina was born to travel. Her life-long passion for travel compelled her to co-found Travelive, a luxury travel company specializing in fully customizable luxury vacations.

Mina is listed on Travel + Leisure Magazine’s A-List: World’s Top Travel Agents and has received several awards and press for her contribution in the travel industry.

She writes about luxury hotels, fashion, food and wine, and exceptional travel experiences.

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John Grigoras

John is an avid traveler with deep interest in sociology and anthropology. When visiting new destinations, John tries to identify with the region and understand and appreciate the uniqueness of its character, its customs, and traditions. John uses his knowledge of the elements of each destination to consult with travellers looking to plan their special vacations and honeymoons. He writes about favorite travel experiences, thumbs-up hotels, eventful gastronomic experiences, funny stories, and dubious did-you-knows :)

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Faye Mantzari

Faye has been in the travel industry more than 12 years. For the most part and until recently she successfully managed luxury hotels making sure always that her advice and recommendations would turn each vacation for her guests into a special journey. She then decided it was time to experience the actual overall planning of trips of this level. With her knowledge of how everything works when a guest arrives in a destination, she is in a position to share invaluable experience and so plan the perfect itinerary. Italy is her new passion and she wants to present the singular beauty and culture of this country to all who want to indulge in it.

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Mario Janku

Mario is Marketing Assistant and a passionate traveler. He has studied International Business, and by harboring a great desire to travel extensively in the world, he enjoys writing about all the amazing destinations on Travel2Italy’s Blog. Soaking up new cultures, visiting historical sites and meeting many new people along the way are just a few of the things that he loves. On his free time he enjoys writing, cycling, running and, definitely, more traveling.

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Marina Kiriazi

A passionate traveler and self-proclaimed bookworm, Marina loves to learn about and experience new places. She believes that there is never a bad time to travel and always a unique adventure waiting, whether it’s in the town just down the road or in a country half way around the world. She enjoys writing about personal travel experiences, favorite hotels, fun destination facts, and not-to-be-missed sights and events.

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